Who We Are

Clint Vaughn has been involved with the construction industry in Tulsa, OK since 2000. Working with a roofing company in Jenks, Clint got his feet wet inspecting storm damage and managing restoration projects. Clint spent a year as a property claims adjuster for an insurance company in 2001 and 2002 and fell in love with the whole building process.

Capstone Builders, LLC builds every home as though it was for our own family.

Clint stayed in the roofing business from 2002 to 2013, owning businesses and managing projects and learning the skills required to tackle very large custom residential projects. Clint really enjoyed the custom building process from the roofing side, but he yearned to be involved from the ground up. There was something he learned that triggered that all-inclusive desire.

In 2013, Clint was ready to build a house for his family and Capstone Builders, LLC was born. The process went well and his family is enjoying their 5,200 square foot home. The process hooked Clint on building custom homes. He soon began building homes for friends and relatives in South Tulsa County.

Clint loves the process of construction combined with unique rustic design to match the land surroundings. There is something about building on some acres outside of town that is very freeing to the soul. Most city folks grew up in suburbs or neighborhoods and had to manage their lifestyle around property lines, noise allowances, barking dogs, chasing balls over fences, etc. Clint loves to being a solution who can take those annoyances and wipe them away with a new custom home on some land.